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08 WWW Title Match - Lexxus(c) v Ariel

In the main event, a Title vs. Career bout, WWW Champion Lexxus faced off with “The Portuguese Princess” Ariel. The match spilled out onto the entranceway set, including an insane hurricanrana by Lexxus to Ariel, where Lexxus misjudged and almost was seriously hurt. The match continued on with both women giving their best efforts. Ariel attempted the Dariel to no avail, but then missed a running forearm at Lexxus and destroyed WWW Senior Official Rich Bass. Lexxus used the opening to hit her reverse guillotine drop on Ariel. Ariel’s stalker fan then climbed into the ring and talked to Lexxus like their plan was working. Lexxus, confused, questioned the fan. As they argued a bit, Lexxus shoved the fan, who connected with a brutal superkick to the face of the WWW Champion. Security hit the ring and chased the man towards the entrance of the building before finally detaining him. In the confusion, Ariel rolled over onto Lexxus to score the pinfall.

Post Match, Ariel said for everyone to stop, as she wanted to know what was going on here. She called the fan back to the ring to ask him what he was doing. He began to berate Lexxus for not laying down like she should have and spoiling his plans. Ariel then announced that this “fan” was in on her plans the whole time versus Lexxus and is actually her new agent, Brendan Michael Thomas. Thomas then took the opportunity to announce it was his pleasure to introduce the new WWW Champion Ariel, who celebrated by smashing her title belt into the face of the former champion. Fans were disgusted at the acts of their former sweetheart and concerned for Lexxus at the same time. It was a shocking ending to what was a highly anticipated match.

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