Transitioning To Natural: Twists, Press, & More
These are the various styles I wore while transitioning to 100% natural hair. I transitioned for a year and boy it was a fun ride. My journey to natural hair has been a fun ride and one of the most self defining years of my life!!
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The Permed Years (1985-2007)
I wore my hair with some type of chemical in it since i was 5yrs old. Now there is no way that a 5 year old can choose to get a perm so needless to say the decision to perm was not my own. I was never accustom to styling and caring for my natural hair so I continued to perm it even when I had the choice. In my late twenties I had an "awakening" of sorts and could not understand what was so wrong with my natural hair. This is were my journey begins.
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2009 Big Chop & Beyond: 100% Natural
Well I finally let go of the crutch that was my relaxed ends. I was a little enchanted with my new found growth that I did not want to lose even one inch of hair. I am so glad that I build up the courage to BC!! My hair is happier, healthier and I cant wait to see what a year of being completely natural will bring. I am also working on my weight so updates on that are soon to follow!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
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2010: One Year Natural & Loving It!!
January 10th, 2010 marked my 1 year anniversary as a natural! My progress has absolutely amazed me and what I have learned about my texture has truly been eye-opening. Although I knew taking care of my hair would eventually result in growth and abundance, I was not aware of the mental overhaul that comes with being natural. There was a time in my life that I would not walk out of my house with "napps" in my hair. I literally missed days of school because my dad could not afford the $10 to run and get me a box relaxer. I thought that my hair was bad and that it needed to be "fixed" by relaxing. In hindsight I now realize that I hated myself. I was so caught up in the images on television (all the so called pretty girls had long flowing hair and fair skin) that I didnt realize my own beauty and uniqueness. Let me just say to those who don't know BLACK HAIR IS BEAUTIFUL!! I now realize that the Creator has given me a gift that distinguishes me from thousands if not millions of others. Like my hips, lips, eyes and butt, my hair is wide and so is my pride!! Sistas, it up to us to teach future generations the importance of accepting our natural beauty. Far to many of us are trying to conform to a standard of beauty that is completely the opposite of what we were born to this Earth to be. Once we embrace our own beauty as a people the world will follow suit! Peace & Blessings, MileHighCitySistsa
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