Growth Aids (Mega-Tek & Doo Gro)

September, 27, 2008
Mega-Tek to the edges & Doo Gro everywhere else every day. Massage in for about 5 minutes

October 26, 2008
Mega Tek - Mixed bag. The smooth spots are still smooth. The hair that is there is a bit longer, but not thicker as far as I can tell. I guess the follicles are dead in the bald spots. I'll keep at it (got the whole bottle) and see if anything changes.

Doo Gro - my hair was always pretty thick, but I can tell a difference. I didn't do a length check before I started, so it's hard to tell how much longer it is. I desperately need a trim, so I'll probably will loose the some progress.

Dont steal. It's not nice.


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