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AFGHANISTAN, the Best Tour of Duty Ever

25 May 2006, a day that I will never forget...

On the 25th, we reacted to IntReps stating that an IED was placed in our Area of Operations (AOR). We went to investigate, 2 x LAV III's and an ECM (Electronic Counter Measures) vehicle, my section along with HQ's / Weapon Det and attached Engineers. At approx. 1300hrs, the LAV III in front of me blew up and lifted off the ground about 3 to 4 feet. Pretty big blast for a 30 Ton vehicle. The blast breached under the turret, where the Crew Commander and gunner is situated. After the blast, people were evacuating, some blasted, some on fire but all alive. The US Dust-Off helo's with escorts arrived about 30 mins later and took the boys away. Once Dust-Off was inbound to KAF, we called an A-10 Wart Hog in to BIP (Blow in Place) the LAV, which was a show. I tell you, the men in my section were professional and courageous. They ran to the stricken LAV to pull the injured up to safety, all the while the LAV was cooking off. We were blowing the shit out of every hiding place that one of those little Brown devils could hide in. All in all, no one died, most returned to duty within three weeks and only one was sent home. The PL (Platoon Leader), one of my best friends and the man that was on fire was sent to Germany and then onto Canada. He made a full recovery and is back to work.

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Some pictures of the great friends and warriors that i had the privilege of serving with, plus for an added bonus, there are pics of ME.

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