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Months 13-17

Hi Ladies!! I have new pictures!!! Come on in and see! Pics from our 3rd Anniversay Cruise to the Bahamas during Hurricane Wilma!

I want to add, our cruise was 5 days but we were only in Lucaya for 4 hours due to the oncoming storm. Many of the shops were closed or boarded up. So we didn't do any shopping there...we couldn't. When we got to Nassau we were there all day, did a lil shopping, but we had intentions of going to the beach, but when we got there it was too cold and windy so the beaches were closed for rough seas. So, most of the pics are on the boat...and yes because it WAS our anniversary we spent a lot of time in the room :)


Please don't copy or take pictures without permission!

Me in front of our Stateroom...

Uploaded: November 02, 2005
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  • KashantiT United States (Private)
    10 years ago
    Looking good! Can I steal this top? Uh, or, borrow it?
  • (Anonymously) (Private)
    10 years ago
    She workin it aint she?