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Anneke Dubash


I always get people asking me what this tattoo "means".

I'm not sure if they are asking what the symbol means or the "reason" for my getting the tattoo.... Sooo...

The design: The Spiral
The spiral is the simplest variation or the Maze or Labyrinth.

The Labyrinth design is one of the oldest designs greated by man, one of the most common, and exisits in a number of variations.

There are manny variations of the Labyrinth, some more complicated than others.

In my case, it represents a journey. This journey is both an inward journey and an outward journey, and still, a single journey. The inward joureny is the dark path and the outward journey the light path. Inward to the darkness and outward to the light.

It represents a specific journey which I was forced to take in the year 2000. It was, a straightforward journey, but one which was most difficult and profound.

The best explanation of the "meaning" of the labyrinth:

Uploaded: September 11, 2003