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Big Chop!
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I know it took me a while to update but you all know how life gets sometimes :-) I have alot on my plate in the near future but I decided to share my new wash n go method with ya just in case it may help one of u as it has helped me achieve an improved wash n go! I tried the whole using regular cheapie conditioner as a leave in for a wash n go but my hair takes two days to dry when I do that and I don't like having wet hair for longer than a few hours so I decided to ditch that method and go back to my beloved PM the Conditioner but I added olive oil to the mix and followed PM the Cond and the olive oil with blue ecostyler gel. I have to give props to Nik-star for inspiring me to try the oil because she has a beautiful pic of her hair in a wash n go in which she incorporated castor oil to the mix so I just used olive oil instead :-) I love it! I have to admit that this may be my best wash n go yet! I was thinking about going to Target to buy some Kinky Curly CC and KT but I don't think I'll be needing them now! Hope you enjoy the pics ladies!
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My regimen!
Description of what I do on a regular basis to maintain the health of my natural hair!
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Hair Inspirations

I have finally added a hair inspiration album! I have more pics to add but til then enjoy! I love the different textures,shapes,lengths,and colors of the beautiful natural heads in these photos! Hope they help to inspire you! My labels for the pics were just some random names I picked in order to name the files so I could save them on my computer ;-)

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