2010 Hair Journey
The Nappy live on!!
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2011 Hair Journey
Starting yr 4 as of March 2011. Yay....I am so proud to have made it this far. This year, I am hoping for BSL.
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2009 hair journey
Year two of proper hair care
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2008 Hair journey
This is my first year of healthy hair practices.
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2007 hair journey
In August of 2007 I found LHCF and start my journey of healthy hair care
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Henna and Cassia

On Jan 10/09 I tried Cassia Obovata for the first time. I think it made my hair feel stronger and generally my hair felt "good".

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    Taking care of my face

    I have tried everything to take care of my acne and I have not succeeded.
    A friend of mine advised me to try using only hot water and a face cloth. She also gave me an african cream to try. This has worked for her and her skin looks beaufiful now.
    I will try this and keep track of how it is working or not working.

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