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Gary Kulchock Profile

Like most boys in America in the 60’s, I built model cars. I shelved the hobby for a while when I discovered 1:1 cars …. and girls. (again, like most boys in America)

I dove back into the hobby at the age of 25, building every Deal’s Wheels and Funster kit I could get my hands on. Scale Auto Enthusiast Magazine had a great deal of influence on my building, and it also sparked my competitive side. My building really took off when I won the SAE “Build a Batmobile” contest (can I say that yet?), I meant to say “Build the kit 6877” contest back in ‘93. I haven’t slowed down since, honing my skills along the way. I also design all the photo-etch for Detail Master and Jimmy Flintstone Studios just to name a couple.

I build mostly foreign exotics, but I also enjoy the occasional beater or drag machine. Finger Nail Polish paint jobs are my specialty.

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