Months 13-15

I’m a total Type A so when I first started my locks I thought that I would be obsessed with making them perfect but, I’ve been surprisingly patient with my locks. I’ve embraced every single phase… from the early braid-like look, to the frizziness, and beyond. I realize that my locks, like me, will never be perfect. I look at every kink, bud, and bump in my locks and the same way that I view life’s trials and tribulations… as something that shapes me into the uniquely beautiful person that I want to be.


Lil sis and I at the beach :)

We went to the beach to celebrate my youngest brothers bday & had a blast. After perming my hair & trying to avoid water that wasn't in a bathtub for 17+ years I'd forgotten how much I love swimming. Anyhoo, my sister started college at Bethune Cookman this month and also began transitioning so hopefully I'll have pics of her to share soon.

Uploaded: August 19, 2008
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  • 7 years 2 months ago
    gotta love the beach! your locs look great
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    I can't believe how much I missed the beach... it was almost impossible for me to enjoy it when I was a permie for worrying about what my hair was going to look like afterwards.