My First Set of Two Strand (Kinky Twists) 9/16/08

I did these myself and they took me a weekend because I was going at my own pace. I didn't use rods on the ends because I was looking for a different style so I braided a section then dipped in hot water.

  • 7 years 1 month ago
    What type of hair did you use?

    I used 3 packs of 1B Braid Locs hair by Isis Collection. Their site is It comes on a track of individualized twists and I just cut each one of to place in my hair. As far as the ends, I wanted them to be different so instead of placing the rods on the ends and dipping in hot water like the kinky twists I braided several sections of hair and then dipped in the hot water for the crinkled affect.