Bangs Gang Invade New York City

AP New York City: The weather was frightful but the memories were delightful as three charter members of Bangs Gang gathered in NYC for three days of fun. Joe (Bangs), George (Hamill), and Nathan (Jewels) met for the 32nd reunion (well actually the first, but 32 years later) in the empire state for what proved, to set the usually up-tight NY critics abuzz with excitement. They boys arrived from all over the US with a hearty NY welcome as it citizens embraced them with pride. Although they had many invitations to dine and mingle with NY's society members, they instead decided to spend their time with the common citizens of NYC. Turning down dinner invitations from city leaders of all five boroughs, they instead spent their limited time near and around midtown Manhattan.

Residing at the trendy WooGo apartment hotel, they quickly finished 32 years of long over due business by taking roll and moving on to new business. Missing from the gathering were Gary (Hodji) and Mike (Roy). Checking in from the road was southern liaison officer Dana (Dana) who coordinated the search for lost members from his undisclosed location, with lots of assistance from local private investigator Red.

The following selected photo’s showing prospective members who waited in line for days on 53rd Street for membership consideration to lead the Northeastern corporate office which will be located on the corner of 9th Ave and 14th Street. On the final evening of the 3 day summit, the gang adopted, by unanimous decision, to appoint Bob Marley’s long lost cousin Herman Marley, who demonstrated his unique sign making abilities, as the interim executive officer of the newly established northeastern corporate office of Bangs Gang.

Please enjoy the photos…….the names were changed to protect the innocent.

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Taken: August 21, 2007
Uploaded: August 25, 2007
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Canon EOS Rebel