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Month 6!!!!

Heyy Heyyyyy ladiess!!! :=) I'm celebrating month 6!! woohoo! I've definitely come a long way!! I can't believe it's already half a year!! yikes! LOL. :=) I'm so blessed to have found this website and chat with you've made this journey much easier for me!!
Well..enough with the mushy This month...I wanted to see how long my frowhawk would be. I tried it earlier (can't remember which month) but I have pics of it. So I had a teammate braid four braids on the side...and I did a two strand twist out in the middle! I lovveed the results!!!!
I also was interviewed with a local newspaper here in Daytona Beach regarding Chris Rock's documentary.."Good/Bad Hair"!! FYI----I REPRESENTED US NATURAL SISTAH'S QUITE WELL!! lol..enjoy this month with me yall!