Permed Days

Ok so I like to call myself a last minute permie. Since I was a little girl my mom had always pressed my hair. But when I turned 18 I switched beauticians for a last minute event and let this silly lady talk me into getting a perm. It seemed like the thing to do, because when I used to get my hair pressed I'd leave the salon with a migrane and tears because I am very tender headed and people don't give a rats butt when they are dealing with "your" hair. So I let her perm my hair for the first time and it came out beautiful. But looks were decieving. Over the next say 6 months my hair began shedding and falling out in little bunches. It was fried, and she had overprocessed it. I transitioned for a year, and had my last perm in May of 2007. I pulled a Britney Spears and buzzed it all off in July 2008, new growth and all!

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The Big Chop

These are various pics of what I call my BCx100. As I mentioned before, I cut it all off in July of 2008, and had been going to the Barber regularly to get it cut. I was addicted to those darn clippers LOL. Now I'm ready to grow it out so here we go...(Bites Nails)

Oh yes and my theme song for my BC was...
"Touch the Sky"- Kanye West feat. Lupe Fiasco, and yes I was feeling extra Fly afterwards.

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Texture Shots (2 months)
Feb 1, 2009

My last haircut was in early December (I believe). But I've been growing it out since then and Feb 2009 makes up my 2 month mark. With the little bit of growth I have in the pics I can see "some" texture. I believe I'm 3c-4a, but there might be some 4b in my head too. Who knows?

Month 1 Theme Song:
"Gold Watch" - Lupe Fiasco
Month 2 Theme Song:
"Headturner" - Joss Stone

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Month 3-4 (Mar/April)

In the month of March I basically let my hair do it's thing, low manipulation, and I was working on trying to bring out some curl definition...and I'm still working on that HA!

Now it's April and I'm uber excited because I can honestly say that I have somewhat of a hair regimen, and I also decided to put some finger coils in my hair since it's grown out some more (wooo hoo!). I'm so loving the style because it gives my scalp a chance to breathe in this super hot Nevada Desert. To do the coils I used Blue Magic "Curl Activating GeI" and my mixture of conditoner and water. My hair loves this gel, it's very moisturizing, and it's alcohol free. My hands hate it, because it can get really sticky if not applied properly. As far as it giving curl definition like its supposed to it does nothing for my hair. But according to the description in the back it's supposed to be good for your hair so we'll see, it's a keeper for now. Overall I'm definitely impressed with the growth seeing as how I live in such a dry climate.

My current regimen...(which is bound to change lol***)
1. Co-washing w/TRESemme remoisturize conditioner
Pros: It has B5 and Biotin which is good for stimulating hair growth. It also has Aloe, which is good for the same thing, and wheat germ. I bought a 32 FL. OZ. at Sally's for $3.59, I count it all joy because it works for now.
2. Treasured Locs Shea Butter-Leave in Cond. I use this immediately after I wash.
3. I follow up with Doo-Gro Growth Oil, which is Mineral Oil and Petroleum or Petroletum FREE. I use this as a scalp moisturizer as well.
4. I submerge my hair in Curls "Whipped Cream" which I find for me is better as a moisturizer than as a curl definer, and it smells awesome too!

Month 3 Theme Song:
"Successful"- Heartbreak "Drake"
Month 4 Theme Song:
"High Heels" - Keri Hilson

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Month 5-6 (May/June)
May 19, 2009

Alrighty so it's May, I'm really not feeling this month, but it is the 5th month of my hair growth process. It's been going OK, but this month in particular me and my hair aren't really getting along, it is what it is though. Maybe its just me, but my hair is in a very weird stage right now, and styles seem to be really limited so I'm doing the best I can to keep my hair looking decent. I like the coils because they are helping to keep my frustration levels down.

The top portion of my hair is thicker and slightly longer (3.75in measured) than that of the side and the back (like 2in), so I'm a little worried about whether my hair will even out as it grows more. My patience is also being tested with the TWA, but I realize its all apart of the growth process (so boo hoo lol!)

June however should bring much excitement its birthday month and I'm getting cornrows so hopefully that will boost my hair mood from pissy to content.

***New Product(s) Update***
I've added three awesome items to my regimen...
Hair One Cleansing Creme: This is a all in one sulfate, paraben, super yucky stuff free hair cleanser & conditioner. I love it, I want to stick with it for now. I purchased it at Sally's, you can either buy the sample packet for 1.49 w/sally's card or the whole bottle for 9.99. There are 4 different cleansers 1. Dry Hair Formula, 2. Dry Scalp, 3. Color Proccessed, 4. Normal Hair, but I used the dry hair and it gives the scalp a cooling feeling and leaves the hair feeling soft moisturized and clean.

Aphogee Essential Oils: Bought it a Sally's for 5.99+tax. Good stuff, Mineral oil free, it can be used as a leave-in, hot oil treatment, scalp oil, skin oil, it has many uses. It is protein enriched and ph balance optimized.

Coconut Oil: First time using it, love it too. Moisturizes my scalp, hair, and skin.

Motivation Music
Kanye West feat. Jeezy- "Amazing"
Deitrick Haddon- "I'm the one"

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Month *6-7 July/August

Glory to God! I and my mane have made it to July. Which makes it exactly a year since my big chop in July of 2008. July also marks 6 months of consistent growth w/out me going to the barber shop and just letting it grow out. (My mistake about June being the 6th month!)

For July I am super excited about the amount of growth my hair has managed to achieve in such a short amount of months. All's I do is wash it maybe once a week, sometimes I can make it to two, coil it immediately afterwards, and then wrap that, rock it for maybe two to three days then undo the coils and fro it out. This style lasts for close to two weeks, then I wash and do it all over again. I also found the secret to healing the itchy scalp that I was suffering with for days on in, in june and I'll share that and the new regimine that I plan on sticking with later. See you in August!

Motivation Music
"I n I" by Amel Larrieux (The Anthem)
"The One"- by Conya Doss

"They cannot define beautiful to me, someone elses eyes don't see what I see"
-Amel Larrieux

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With some of the products that I've used in the past I am suprised my hair has lasted as long as it has. But you live and learn. This album is a compilation of the good, bad, ugly, and the fabulous.

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My Many Projects

This is just my hobby folder, showcasing some of things I like to do! Enjoy:)

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Month 8-9 September/October
Sep 6, 2009

It's October and I'm still hanging in there with this hair of mine lol. Feeling blessed about the growth of my hair, even more so excited about being able to do twistout's on my hair. Issues I've been having are with lack of moisturization and skuggish growth in the back of my head. I've purchased three new products to assist with these issues; Hydratherma Naturals Follicle Invigorator, Daily Moisturizing Growth Lotion, and Infusium 23 Original Leave in Formula. Neither of the three have failed me yet, I reallly like them and I have seen some changes in my hair while using them...

***Regimen Updates***
1. Only combing my hair on wash days, I part my hair off in 8 sections and secure the sections w/a rubberband. I then apply my deep conditioner which is The Olive Oil Replenishing Pack with some added EVOO. This gives amazing slip to the hair, and in using this washing method which I got from I find that I loose less hair during combing.
2. With the parts still in my hair I rinse under the sink, not the shower because of the oil, and shampoo with HairOne Cleansing Creme in Tea Tree, still no complaints with it. Be sure to rinse well though!
3. After hair is towel dried and looks residue free, I grab a section and apply the follicle invigorator to my scalp then massage, I then add Infusium 23 to the hair making sure not to over saturate, then I add my HN Daily moisturizing growth lotion or Shea Moisture w/ oil it depends, after this method I add some additional EVOO to seal in the moisture. I do this method to every section, while combing through with a wide tooth for even distribution of products.
4. Style: I haven't done coils in a while. Instead I've been wearing two strand twists and twist outs. But I style immediately after I finish step three.

~*Updated Products*~
Washing Agents:
HairOne Cleansing Creme (Tea Tree Formula)
Olive Oil Replenishing Pack(s) w/an added amount of Italian imported EVOO.
Leave Ins:
Infusium 23 Original Formula, and Hydratherma Naturals Daily Moisturizing Growth Lotion.
Scalp Treatments:
HN's Follicle Invigorator and olive oil

***Motivation Music***
"Fear"- Drake
"I'm Good"- The Clipse feat. Pharrell

Happy Growing Ladies:)

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Nov 1, 2009

Be back soon, I'm on my model grind trying to get signed.

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