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BC Month!!! 06/06/09

Oh, where do I begin......

1. Transitioners PLEASE protect yourself from heat. It is NOT a joke!!!! I absolutely love my cut now, but I had to cut off 6 months of growth because I had super straight pieces left from my last flat iron. YES I did use heat protective spray. Although I didn't notice any damage it was permanently straight. : (

2. Make sure you are MENTALLY transitioned before you chop! My mom hated my hair before my boyfriend finished the job up with clippers. But because I was mentally transitioned, I wasn't even phased when she made the face she made. I just smiled and proceeded to enter the world. : ) On a positive note, my boo loves it! Maybe because he has something to do with it! lol

3. I cannot lie and say that I loved it at first sight because the lady that chopped it for me was a barber and of course scissor happy. She totally ignored my requests and did her own thing. That's why I went to my boyfriend to finish it up for me. So I highly encourage doing it yourself! Or to have someone you trust to cut it. NOW I love my hair and whatever decides to grow out of my head. Lol! I's FREE!!!! : )

No feels good to be an all natural woman. : )

Don't be stealin my pictures!!! lol!

Trying to give yall a good pic....

My webcam does my curls NO justice. My goal will be to fill in my sides.....not sure how that will go since it's kind of hereditary. I've been massaging the heck out of it with my beloved coconut oil! : )

Uploaded: June 09, 2009
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  • 6 years 4 months ago
    Your bf did a great job on your cut. I agree with Copa...don't fuss too much about your edges, they'll grow in. I cut my hair last summer and the best thing I did was co-wash daily (sometimes 2x a day just because I could lol). When co-washing I used a little more conditioner on my sides and in the back of my head (it was tapered too). At night I would message a little castor oil (mixed with rosemary and peppermint eo) and I've been fine. If you can, I would get an essential oil just to add to your coconut oil and use the least amount of gel as possible on your hair not to clog your pores.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Thanks for the advice! I should know from when I was transitioning that the more I left it alone, the more it grew! And girl I've learned to leave the gel alone! When I let it air dry, I don't need the gel for definition! : )
  • 6 years 5 months ago
    Your hair looks very soft! Don't worry too much about the edges. I think the best thing is to leave them alone. I fussed with mine too much trying to get them to grow and there was little progress. Sometimes they grow quickly, sometimes not at all, but focus on what you can change. In addition to coconut oil, emu oil, castor oil, and an essential oil (rosemary, lavender, or peppermint) should give you the best chance for growth.