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September Updates

I know I said I was going to have a break from heat but I decided to flat iron my hair just because! I'm now definitely on a break from heat until my hair is hip length.... i think that will be my ultimate goal then I'll maintain from there.

I am currently waiting for my hair dresser to come back from Jamaica so i can get my full head weave done. i've wanted it done since July and she being on holiday was one of the reasons i decided to flat iron my hair.


I have a flaky scalp in the summer. My sister has it too and this really did cause some problems! By the third day of having straight hair my scalp literally full of the biggest flakes ever. It was beyond dandruff because i had only washed my hair 3 days earlier. As soon as I washed my hair and went back to doing the GHE my scalp had no problems> Any suggestions why??

I also henna'd my hair again and have decided that i'm not really a fan of henna ONLY BECAUSE of the way it leaves my hair looking straight and heat damaged. I know it loosens your texture but its too much for me. I also know its not heat damage because I cut my hair some time ago and hadn't applied heat to my hair since.... Hmm i also decided to chop off my straight bits after a henna treatment... side eye to henna!

so yea these are the pics! Sorry for the awful picture quality. Its really bad...and the lighting!

do not take my pics without asking please!


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  • 3 years 6 months ago
    Congrats Pamera! This is a huge accomplishment. When I flat ironed my hair back in Feb of this year, my hair reached a similar length. I told myself the same thing, 'no more flat ironing till my desired length'. Keep it up!