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Haemanthus coccineus

Family: Amaryllidaceae.
Author: Carl Linnaeus 1753.
Habitat: Coastal southern Namibia,South Africa.
Synonyms: Haemanthus concolor, Haemanthus moschatus, Haemanthus splendens, Haemanthus tigrinus.
Pop names: March flower, April Fool, Blood Flower, Paintbrush Lily, Powderpuff Lily, King-of-Candia.

-The genus Haemanthus is endemic to southern Africa.
-The generic name Haemanthus is derived from the Greek word haima for blood, and anthos for flower,and alludes to the colour of the perianth in certain species.
Coccineus from Latin:Red or scarlet.

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Haemanthus coccineus

Uploaded: September 12, 2008