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Ariocarpus lloydii = Ariocarpus fissuratus

Author:Ariocarpus lloydii Rose 1911.
Author:Ariocarpus fissuratus (Engelm.)K.Schum.1894.
Mammillaria fissurata Engelm 1856.(basionym),
Roseocactus fissuratus (Engelm.)A.Berger,
Roseocactus intermedius Backeb.& Kilian,
Ariocarpus lloydii Rose 1911.
Common names:chautle,false-peyote,living rock, living rock cactus,star cactus,star rock.
Habitat: Texas,Chihuahua,Coahuila,Durango,San Luis Potosi,Zacatecas.

-The generic name 'Ariocarpus' is derived from the Greek 'Aria' meaning Sorb (Sorbus aria, Rosaceae, is the white-beam tree) and the Greek word 'karpos' meaning fruit.

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Ariocarpus lloydii

Uploaded: October 07, 2007