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Aloe humilis

Aloe humilis Mill.
Family: Asphodelaceae - Aloaceae - Liliaceae.
Habitat: South Africa.
Synonym: Aloe subtuberculata, Aloe humilis var. acuminata, Aloe humilis var. echinata, Aloe humilis var. incurva, Aloe humilis var. semiguttata, Aloe humilis var. suberecta, Aloe humilis var. subtuberculata, Aloe suberecta var. acuminata, Aloe humilis var. semiguttata, Aloe tuberculata, Aloe incurva, Aloe acuminata, Aloe humilis var. candollei, Aloe humilis var. minor, Aloe acuminata var. major, Catevala humilis, Aloe humilis, Aloe humilis var. humilis, Aloe perfoliata var. humilis, Aloe suberecta, Aloe echinata.

- The genus name Aloe comes from the Greek word for the dried juice of aloe leaves, which in turn was derived from earlier Sanskrit and Semitic words.

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Aloe humilis

Uploaded: February 14, 2010