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Echinopsis subdenudata

Synonym:Echinopsis subdenudatus.

-The genus name 'Echinopsis' derives from the Greek word 'echinos' meaning 'porcupine or hedgehog' , 'sea urchin' and the word 'opsis' meaning'appearance, seeing, like 'referring to the spines that cover the plant as it looks like a rolled up hedgehog.

-Studies in the 1970s and 1980s resulted in several formerly separate genera being absorbed into Echinopsis:
Acantholobivia, Acanthopetalus, Andenea, Aureilobivia,
Chamaecereus, Chamaelobivia, Cinnabarinea, Echinolobivia, Echinonyctanthus,
Furiolobivia, Helianthocereus, Heterolobivia, Hymenorebulobivia, Hymenorebutia,
Leucostele, Lobirebutia, Lobivia, Lobiviopsis, Megalobivia, Mesechinopsis,
Neolobivia, Pilopsis, Pseudolobivia , Rebulobivia,
Salpingolobivia, Scoparebutia, Setiechinopsis, Soehrensia, Trichocereus.

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Echinopsis subdenudata

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