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Eriosyce taltalensis ( Neoporteria taltalensis )

Author:Eriosyce taltalensis (Hutchison)Kattermann 1994.
Synonyms:Neoporteria taltalensis Hutchison 1955,
Pyrrhocactus taltalensis,Neochilenia neofusca.
Habitat:Chile,Taltal,Sierra Esmeralda,Antofagasta.

-The name is derived from the Greek 'erion',meaning wool and 'sykon' meaning fig,referring to the woolly fruits.

-Eriosyce now includes Chileorebutia,Horridocactus,Islaya,Neochilenia,Neoporteria,Pyrrhocactus,and Thelocephala.

-Neoporteria:Named for Carlos Porter,a Chilean entomologist.

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Eriosyce taltalensis - Neoporteria taltalensis

Uploaded: July 26, 2010