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Who's Who In The Fotki Zoo sans Fotkin's Names

Our lives are enriched by the appearance of familiar account photos in our fotki, but how good is your memory for these small marvels?! Last time (two years ago) I used the account avatars, this time I’ve used the fotkin’s face, a pleasing exercise except perhaps with the exception of Mona & my own dodgy mug! We’ve had a lot of new folk come from different photo sites & I wanted to include them this time. I have shamelessly “borrowed” & cropped photos from all over fotki to do this, if you object please private message me and I will of course remove your entry. I beg your indulgence!! I couldn’t include everybody & chose photos I could find quickly. Many fotkins prefer to be behind the camera so they have very few photos of themselves!

I have two albums here, one includes the names listed alphabetically, the other has them listed numerically without the names. Try to guess the names and the country they come from and that's your comment. Try and do it without peeking! I've set the comments to be only read by me for a week or so, otherwise other fotkins comments will give the game away.

To find the ones you missed check here:

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