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2008 Queensland Variety Bash

What is the Bash? The Variety Bash started as a drive in the outback with a few mates. In 1985, Adventurer Dick Smith took a group of intrepid motorists from Bourke to Bourketown in their old cars, raising money for charity along the way.

All of the money raised went to the Variety Club of Australia to further its support of sick, disabled or disadvantaged children. The Bash has been staged by the Variety Club since 1985 and the spirit of the original idea has been retained. Every entrant has to raise a sum of money for Variety and all vehicles must be 30 years old or older at the time of entry and be non performance modified.

The Bash is not a race, rally or speed trial. The single most significant rule of the Bash is to relax and enjoy the event away from everyday pressures, while seeing and experiencing the splendour of the Australian Outback.

My apologies for the focus in the second part of the album, I'm keeping the photos because I loved the cars, even though I had the focus out on so many shots.

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