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    4 months ago
    Shower screen in
    I really want to install a shower screen like this one. I'm getting sick of my shower curtain that looks grungy and sticks to me in the morning. Is it hard to install one of these shower screens?
  • 9 years 7 months ago
    The taps say hot and cold...why is that? Because it looks nice? They do! But don't they have a fixed position then? Over here the hot water tap is always located on the left and of course the one on the right is the cold one! I must say that ius is very handy!

    Yes, ours are fixed like yours as well, but Australians are simple folk!
    You said it...not me! LOL
    Well...in the UK they seem to have them fixed randomly...you never know what to expect so it can be dangerous for children as they also have almost immediately nearly boiling water from the tap! (not always, but often in hotels!)