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NY World's Fair 1964-1965

Taken in the years 1964 and 1965, this is a set of 160 70mm slides. This is a project to scan the complete set, which will take a good deal of time.
Camera - Rolleiflex T
Film - High Speed Ektachrome
Exposure - not recorded
Scanner - Microtek ScanMaker 5900

Finally nearing the end of the project. I estimate about 20 or 30 more slides to scan

136 unishpere, sunset
1964, 1965, 2003 Peirce Behrendt

136 unishpere, sunset

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Uploaded: March 24, 2003
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  • Ron Hylen Premium user United States (Private)
    5 years 9 months ago
    Remembering that this unisphere remains standing, I recall that the hemisphere at the 60's worlds fair in Montreal remained there for many years. Went back and photo'd it, but since then, it was destroyed.
  • Susi484 Premium user United States (Private)
    7 years 10 months ago
    Peirce: This shot is beautiful - when you say Worlds Fair - (I never saw it) - was it opened for a full year all year-round? These shots are great - gosh - I remember the Danbury State Fair and thinking that was something great....this must have been really fabulous.
  • S. Taubman (Private)
    9 years 2 months ago
    Wow! What a rush of memories! The GM pavillion, what a beautiful entrance. It looked like it was going to "fall" onto us (I was six). I was lucky enough to live in NYC, and my dad made sure I saw every part of that fair. He was a believer in the future and its technology. Many of the exhibits shown did come to fuition, the IBM Seletric typewriter, for one example. Funny, it is now considered obsolete. This is why there will probably never be another world's fair. Society (USA especially)has seen such wonders in everyday life now, and since television shows us ideas soon yet to be reality, virtually nothing can surprise and awe us any longer as this fair did. I consider my "baby boom" generation fortunate: We were the last generation to enjoy the innocenece of what was, such as having a two parent household, where only one parent worked. We were the first generation to enjoy technology in our daily lives, such as television, (and all the wonderful toys advertised). We were privileged to be at the one time cross-roads of such bounty and wonder that no other generation will probably never experience.
  • 9 years 6 months ago
    Pierce, I really enjoyed the World's Fair pics. Brings back alot of memories. My father had a friend that got us press pass tickets, so we went a number of times.

    I have to show these to Mathew. I keep telling him about what a World's Fair is and what this one was like. He'll like being able to see what it was like. When I see them it is alot like Disney World.

    Thanks again.
  • W. T. Oravecz (Private)
    10 years 5 months ago
    Love these shots of the World's Fair. When I drive by the area of Flushing Meadows, I always try to remember it as it was then. These were great !!! Thanks for sharing !
  • Beverly (Private)
    11 years ago
    Pierce, my husband and I really enjoyed the beautiful shots of the unisphere. These pictures brought back many memories that had long been forgotten.
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