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Tim Thomas

Big Eyed Bug

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Taken: September 16, 2010
Uploaded: January 06, 2011
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Canon EOS 1000D


  • PhotobyCindy Premium user United States (Private)
    4 years 9 months ago
    Nice Meadowhawk regarding the previous photo, and really interesting caterpillar here.  I know I've read about these and seen photos but I can't remember what type of moth or butterfly it turns into.
    • Photimothy United Kingdom (Private)
      4 years 9 months ago
      Hey Cindy
      I have tried to research it, but I've never had any luck.  I took it whilst visitng my parents in Cyprus.  My parents had found them in the garden and I awoke to find that they'd put them in a bucket on the table, ready to be photographed....