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One of the strangest looking birds I've seen, but quite interesting. The gold feathers on the back of the head are a bit longer than those of the face, rather like a hat added on. Likewise, the white feathering on the wing and back are also a bit longer and almost wavey looking. The tail has a great zig zag shape that I haven't noticed on any other birds. Bobolink are spring grassland nesters in the midwest.

  • Klondyke (Private)
    3 years ago
    Bobolink #17
    Quite an amazing bird .... never seen anything like it. thank you for sharing the photos :)
    • PhotobyCindy Premium user United States (Private)
      3 years ago
      You're welcome, I find them quite an interesting bird.  I haven't seen them in many places but found one grassland area which I can be assured of finding them each spring.  They have the strangest call I've ever heard.