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Trains and Trolleys, Tracks and Trestles

Electric Trains and Trolleys, Steam Trains, Tracks and Trestles

Cindy Donegan
Steam Trains

Steam locomotive 1702 was built in 1942 for use during World War II. The Great Smokey Mountain Railroad purchased it in 1994 and restored it. It now runs excursions from Bryson City.

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Cindy Donegan
Electric Trains and Trolleys, Tracks and Trestles

Refurbished cars from East Troy and Kenosha, WI. An additional electric trolley can be found in the Fog album.

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Cindy Donegan
Trestle Bridge - Chain of Rocks

Chain of Rocks Bridge opened in 1929 crossing the Mississippi River and connecting Madison, Illinois to St. Louis, Missouri. The bridge closed in 1968 when a newer bridge was constructed just south of it. The bridge was used in the 1980 film Escape From New York but was not open for public use at that time. In 1999 after clean up and restoration the bridge was opened for pedestrian and bike traffic. Part of the Route 66 Bikeway it is one mile long and 24 feet wide.
All photos are available in black and white or sepia. Just contact me if interested.

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