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2011 Ivy League Heps Championships + Some T&F Meets

2011-05-07 & 08 Ivy League Outdoor Heps at Yale
All pics for both days posted as of 4:00 pm Wednesday, May 11.
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2011-02-26 Indoor Heps at Columbia/The Armory - NYC
Photos from Saturday Feb. 26 competition
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Copyright 2011 Dan Grossman
2011-01-23 Brown at Harvard Track & Field
Jan 23, 2011

I live in Vermont, near Dartmouth. On Saturday I drove down to Boston to take pictures, as a volunteer, of hundreds of 20-somethings participating in this track and field meet.

I drove home, and then on Sunday, I drove back down to Manchester, New Hampshire. I spent the day at an armory as a volunteer helping another group of hundreds of 20-somethings prepare to "deploy"--go off to war. I'm a lawyer. Along with dozens of other lawyers, we were writing powers of attorney, health care directives, and, of course, wills for these young people.

I am a committed volunteer. It's important, I think, to volunteer where one can be useful. It has taken me a couple of days to get these pictures uploaded because I had a pretty long volunteer weekend.

When I take these pictures, it is 100% as a volunteer.

It is fun (and encouraging) for me to hear comments about the pictures. Let me know what you like and don't like about the pictures. I have changed the settings, and now all these pictures are fully downloadable. The only feedback I get now is by e-mail. You should e-mail me and make encouraging noises so that I will continue this labor of love!

I take all these picture for one reason: it pleases me to do so. I take these pictures as a volunteer. I don't receive compensation, in any way, shape, or form, for these photographs.

These pictures are TOTALLY FREE. They can be downloaded for free from this site, or prints can be purchased for a few cents from Fotki. I don't receive compensation, in any form, for these photographs. I don't sell these pictures, and I don't receive any part of what is paid for prints. The pictures are printed by the Fotki service, and Fotki keeps 100% of what you pay.

Please ask permission (which I freely give) before using these copyrighted pictures in publications or web sites (such as, e.g., Facebook). If you publish any of these pictures, give photo credit to "Dan Grossman/Maple Leaf Photos."

I have taken all of these pictures as a volunteer. I don't sell these pictures, and they are printed by the Fotki service.

For information on ordering prints or downloading the pictures, click on "Welcome" in the blue column to the left. BE SURE TO PREVIEW YOUR PRINTS BEFORE ORDERING. SOME HAVE BEEN CROPPED AND WILL BE CUT OFF IF YOU DON'T PREVIEW.

Dan Grossman
Thetford, Vermont

(If you have trouble with printing, don't write me. Call Fotki at 866-268-3991)

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