Apr 24, 2006

Just some photos of my hair. I really need to get a digital camera and stop using my phone hehe

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Friends and Family

Again these are some older photos with the camera phone

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First Henna Ever! 2010

So here is my hair with old chemical dye on it. I used to dye it dark or medium brown and then switched to an auburn shade. I hate when my roots come in and I hate doing root only applications so I usually just wait 3 months or so after last color and do a whole head treatment. Well I decided I wanted to try Henna so that if I wanted to dye my hair twice a month or something then I could without doing real damage to my hair.

I got my henna from Mehendi.com and its the Dark of the Moon. If all goes well I will find a local supplier and just buy from them. I mixed with Camomille tea (3 bags to a cup) until i got release and then i added full fat yogurt that I had let sit in a strainer with a coffee filter under it over night so it was very thick (like whipped cream cheese almost).

Applied to damp hair I washed with Trader Joe Citrus and let sit for 4 hours with my heat cap on low to keep it warm.

It could have had a little more yogurt it was a tad thick but it went in easily and rinsed out very easily.

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Second Henna 02/10

So this was my second henna wih the same mix as the first. Only this time I was only able to leave it on for abou 2 1/2 hours instead of the 4 i planned on. Cant turn down goin to the movies and my greys are covered which is what I wanted :)

My browns are much darker and the reds are richer.

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