January 2009 - May 2009

It's crazy. I pretty much went away in January 2009 to study abroad for a semester. I knew I would not relax for about 4 months, so I prepped myself for a long stretch. Little did I know, I was prepping myself for an even longer stretch than I had hoped for at the time. I watched a boat load of YouTube videos. Many of these vids were of relaxed women with healthy hair. Then, I don't know how, but I stumbled upon a transitioner. I decided to look at some of her hair styles to help with the long stretch. Eventually, she did the big chop, I was like wow. I loved it. I then sought out to become natural. So, mentally I decided to go natural around the end of March. But to my hair, I guess, my last relaxer marks the transition date. Last Relaxer: January 15, 2009


March 2009

Still having fun with me hair and make up! Oh around this time I was using Bottega Verde Conditoner. Great conditioner, had a good amount of natural ingredients. You can see that new growth coming in!

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