February 2010

Hey yall. I know it's March...I know it's been a long time. I've been pretty busy and not taking as many pictures. My hair was basically in a puff most of the month until I finally washed it and was wearing braidouts, which are getting bigger and fuller!

The first pic is an attempt to capture it in those hair accessories that have two combs attached with the beads in the middle. I love those! I didn't think I could hold my hair back with those but they did! They're kind of stretched out though LOL

The other was a more recent picture at the end of February. That's what my braidouts have been looking like lately. Thanks for sticking with me! I promise it'll get better! If yall notice...for some reason February is always a sparce month for me LOL

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Don't remember the name of this accessory but I love it!
Don't remember the name of this acce…
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Got a lil MJ action in the front HEEHEE!
Got a lil MJ action in the front HEE…
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