1947 Studebaker 4-door. Earl Wilson's Grecian-Barris

'47 Studebaker four door, which was sectioned 5 inch and chopped 4 inch. Channeled body and nearly every body panel was reworked. Grille opening was made using 2 '49 Mercury grille openings and a lot of sheet metal. The grille was made using two '51 Lincoln grilles and other parts as well. The headlights where extended and frenshed and had special aiscoops with small teeth added on top of them. A new hood was made from left over body parts and a scoop was created at the front with 9 small teeth added. The front bumper was created using 52 Olds grille bar and Lincoln bumpper ends. At the rear '51 Mercury fenders where crafted to the body and a scoop was created at theire leading edge. The trunk was also panckaked in a similar way as the hood. DeSoto taillights where frenched using round rod. Bumper ends where cut of from the rear bumper and used as bumperette with vertical placed exhaust openings. The center piece was seperately flowing in the center. A Kaiser guard was added. The car was finished in '52 in lime-gold green lacquer. The interior was handled by the Carson top shop done in white leather and green velvet.

© see info on the photos. (Rik Hoving Kustoms)

Grecian 051.JPG

Photo by Kevin Fritz

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