1949 Ford Buster Litton - Barris

This car has always had some “mistery” around it who actually built it. Was it Barris or Cerny’s Paint and Metal shop? I believe most of the body work was done at Barris for the then owner Allen Anderson. The top was chopped beautifully (arguably the best chop on a shoebox ford ever) from three inches in the front to 6 in the rear with a slight rake added to the windshield, and turned into a hard top. The top of the doors where welded to the top and a new graceful door line was made in the doors at the hight of the. The flow of this top is increadible and absolutely flawless from any angle. I must have been Sam who did this one for sure. The front fenders where extended 6 inches and the rear fenders 8 inches with modified and frenched stock taillights. Barris built an floating bar grille for the new oval grill surround. The fenderskirts where cut down '51 Mercury units.
Later the car was sold to Buster Litton who drove it around in the Barris version (not sure if it was all finished and painted though). After a while he brought it to George Cerny to do rest of the custom work. ‘51 Studebaker front fenders where installed and the front gravel pan molded and rolled into the new grille opening. A lip was added on the bottom of the hood using ’51 Mercury pieces. The new lip repeats the lip found on the front wheel opening and the fender skirts, which makes it a very nice overall design element.and the ’53 Chevy grille with ’51 Ford end bullets was mounted. At the rear George Cerny installed his trademark Olds elements in this case a complete 51 Olds rear quarter including taillights. The rear bumper was replaced with a ’53 Ford unit. ’53 Cadillac The ’48 Buick side trim ads even more length to the already lenghned and lowered custom. According the the ’53 Hop Up article the finish is an attention-rousing gleaming maroon bronze lacquer. Gaylord did the interior in a beautiful wide and long rolls & pleats in off white and orange Fabrilite. The car was also known as panoramic Ford.

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Uploaded: January 31, 2005