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TwoChops (Bill Johnson) Photo Collection

© Bill Johnson
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    Car Shows throughout the U.S.

    All photo's by Bill Johnson

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  • © Bill Johnson
    Bill Johnson's 1957 Ford
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  • © Bill Johnson
    Bill Johnson's 1957 Buick

    Starting with the top, a 2x4 wood A-frame was made to hold up the top after it was chopped-- see pic ...more

    tures. 2 3/8" spacer put on the A-frame were removed after a 2 3/4" cut out of the windshield posts. Rear was cut out to drop top an even 2 3/8" -- see pictures.Because of the slant of the windshield posts, when the top is lowered in moves back approximately 1". (the top was never removed from the car, just lowered onto the wood supports.)
    I wanted the top to look stock when finished with factory style gasket and s/s.
    At the upper front edge of the top no changes are required. The front at the cowl is where the sinking begins. A slot must be cut at the gasket mounting flange ( inside the flange) from one windshield post to the other side. Start at approx. 1/2" to 1" slot -- kept cutting and trying to install glass until it can be installed without the glass touching any metal. I installed mine approx. 20 times before this happened.
    When windshield is installed it lowers the lower rear corners of the windshield into the dog leg. This is why on a Buick 2 3/4" is about the most you can cut out of the post it you are going to sink it.
    Things to remember -- what you cut will have to be resupported. Example -- the mounting hole bracket for interior moulding and top of dash, etc. A small piece of metal must be welded to the mounting flange at the windshield post.
    If you are after the factory look some area of the windshield gasket must be cut in two pieces so half of it is fastened to the glass on the inside and the other half on the outside.
    I installed 1/4" hard rubber pads and made a lot of brackets and supports before the windshield was installed.

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    Bill Johnson's 1953 Mercury
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    Bill Johnson Early Customs Photo Collection
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