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"House Of Customs" by Gordy Brown

Custom Shop in San Fernando in the 1960's

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Dick & Doris VanAdrigham 1954 Chevy - Gordy Brown
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    Bob Stepanion 1966 Elcamino - Gordy Brown

    Shortly after Bob took delivery of his special Ordered 1966 Chevrolet Elcamino he brought it to Gord ...more

    y's House Of Customs in San Fernando California. Gordy was asked to Customize the car for Bob. Gordy shaved all the emblems and door handles. He peaked the hood and frenched the stock taillights. The body line from the roof to the quarter panel was reshaped to flow better. Gordy installed hydraulic lifts to give the car the desired stance and still give the owner the option to have a comfortable drive.
    Gordy painted the car in blue and silver Metalflake. The side panels where done in blue and silver powders mixed in the clear and painted of the best designed lace Gordy could find. Below the laced panel Gordy added some darker blue metalflake to give a shadow effect. The hood, top and tailgate were done in Candy blue with the hood having some darker Candy blue fogging on it. This was a brand new car when Gordy started to work on it. Unfortunately Gordy was only able to find this one photo which he recoded with his video camera many years ago.

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    1963 T-Bird - Gordy Brown

    Gordy bought the car after the previous owner had it wrecked. This was the first Custom Gordy built ...more

    after moving from Salt Lake City to California where he would start his House of Customs shop. Gordy repaired the damage and customized the car at the same time. The car was very low, and after he got to many tickets for it, he decided to put hydraulics on the car. It would be his first car to put lifts on as they used to name them. Gordy still has the car today next to his numerous other project cars.

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    1951 Chevy Coupe - Gordy Brown

    1951 Chevy Coupe built for Dave Sgambellone.
    The Chevy was just mechanically lowered in the rear (s ...more

    tatic) and Lifted in the Front. "Lifts" was what we called hydraulics in those days. Gordy was always a little disappointed in photos of this car as they always come out looking yellow.
    The color was actually a Candy Lime Green, The Metalflake on the roof and flames was a green and gold mix, the Lace work was green and gold powders mixed in clear, the roof was outlined in "Diamond Dust" (Glass Flake). And the center of the roof was gold cobwebbing, Gordy also did an onlay of Diamond Dust Flake on the hood and trunk along with a onlay of Diamond Dust on the rear fenders around the Metalflake flames.

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