The Bonaguro Special

This incredible 50's custom is the result of years of work by John Bonaguro of Michigan. This is a completely hand-crafted automobile that was constructed over the period of 1957-1963. The suspension is 50's Studebaker; the engine is an Oldsmobile Rocket V8 from 1955 as is the transmission. The other parts identified are 1958 Chevy taillight lenses, the windshield and cowl are 1959 Dodge and the seats are 1962 T-Bird. Everything else on this incredible automobile is hand fabricated. The body on the car is fiberglass, and now forty five years later, it still looks great! The car was always well looked after, and received a sympathetic restoration a few years ago. The paint on the car was completely redone, and is of a very high standard. There are a few small chips here and there, but overall the paint is excellent. The bumpers are polished aluminum. The interior is leather that was done when the car was built and looks fantastic to this day. Mechanically the car is well sorted and ready to drive anywhere. The car was shown extensively in the early sixties, and was featured in Hot Rod magazine's Custom Car Annual of 1964. Few cars of this era have survived. Often they were run t o the ground after the show circuit, were cannibalized for t he next project, or weren't that well built in the first place.

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Uploaded: April 18, 2006