Corvair custom cars

© see info on the photos. (Rik Hoving Kustoms)
Corvair Customs
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  • © see info on the photos. (Rik Hoving Kustoms)
    Corvair Futura Concept Car

    Corvair Futura Concept Car ­ not by General Motors!

    The car you see before you was inspired by Ka ...more

    iser Aluminum designer Rhys Miller.  It was designed and engineered by Blake Larson whose life long desire to produce a practical concept car resulted in this unique design, in
    which he was also hands on in the construction.

    His concept was to give the driver as much vision as possible and he therefore put the driver seat in the middle with center steering and two full car width seats behind the driver and a fully glassed enclosed area front and back (something you see coming out of Detroit in 2009 or 2010). 
    He included the eye catching luggage rack and a glassed in area over the front portion of the car as part of the package. 

    Album was created 10 years ago and modified 10 years ago