Kopper Kart Clone in progress

Built by a dedicated team of people...
- Vic Collins
- Mark Wojcik
- John Maurice
- Ron Blaufeder
- Ed Collins

See for more information the Kopper Kart website:



  • Wolf (Private)
    11 years 2 months ago
    Hi Rik !
    Holy moly the Copper Cart in 3D again . I know Im a sucker for early customs but the coppercart has for unknown reasons got under my skin as a faboulus work of art and Ive always thought it is sad it hasnt bin found and restored . Im also a bodyman specially appriciating all bare metal pictures to see the intricate mods in the section job pancaking the hood and thru the section right under all windows . HURRAY for the person building it and Im really looking forward seeing this finished !