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DODGE Custom Cars

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1946 Dodge Coupe – Rick
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    1956 DODGE Pick-Up
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    Bert Gustavsson 1951 Dodge

    Created from a four door sedan.

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    Dodge Customs to be sorted
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    Miikka Salminen 1936 Dodge
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    Sectioned-Chopped 1949 Dodge
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    Sonny Daout's 1949 Dodge Custom
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    Unknown 1948 Dodge Convertibel Custom

    Words by Steve Boegel, the current owner of this old custom.
    At this point Steve does not know any ...more

    history of this late 50's early 60's custom car
    which was apperently built for the Custom Car Shows.
    If you have seen this Custom before in the 50's or 60's or know anything about who built it.
    Please contact the owner of the car or leave comment at any of the photos.

    Words by Steve Boegel:

    What I know about the car is that its been in Canada aprox 25 years...supposedly came from Northern California
    up to British Columbia then ended up in Ontario where I bought it from a friend about 5-6 yrs ago.
    It was titled as a 48 Plymouth but it a Dodge Custom Convertible apparantly they were a special order car
    if you wanted one here in Canada.
    It is a real cnvertible not a coupe ,as evidenced by the hard-top style window frames and the well for the folded top to sit in when the roof was lowered.
    I was told by the person who had it before the guy I bought it from that it was a show only car,
    it ran but the front end was really butchered to get it low and it had minimal wiring, but at one time it had a complete 58?
    Vette powerpack powertrain that was all chromed except for the block and cyl heads... only the rear end remains
    and it has a nova front steer sub in it now.
    There was lots of chrome work on the car, seat frames firewall inner fender and rad support pieces,
    even some brackets in the doors were chromed. All the body work was done in lead, no bondo,doors were electric as well,
    interior has 4 buckets (fronts swivel) full lenght console and the guages apper to have been in the front part of the console,
    interior was all white with 1 inch pleats.I have found 3 different colors on some of the body parts
    tough I dont know which was done or when... the inside of the trunk lid is a neat gold color sorta like the modern golds
    being used on lots of hotrods and Kustoms....there is a med pink metallic on the upper part of the firewall and inner fenders
    and in parts of the door jambs there is a basic red color.
    The original color of the car before it was customized was a darkish green color.
    The car was very well built pretty high quality body work (it has held up well despite years of neglect)
    top quality interior for the time and as I mentioned tons of chrome...maybe a chrome shop was a sponsor??

    Hopefully we can find out who originally built it or where it came from at least...
    somebody has to remember it from somewhere.
    This car is too unique to forget!

    If you have any information on this car please contact Steve.

    Steve Boegel

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