1941 Ford Fade away fenders - Don Reid

This car was built in the late 1940's early 1950's in 1953 the car was owned by Don Reid of Salinas. Don bought the car already chopped and with the full fade away fenders from a soldier in Fort Ord, Ca. The front fenders where replaced with 1948 Ford units. The car was entered in the 1953 Oakland roadster show when it was painted chrome yellow. Later Don brought it to the Valley Custom Shop who painted the car in a deep dark metallic maroon.
But unsure is who built the car initially. there are some rumors that the Ayala have been involved in its early stages. But so far there have been no evidence for this. Who knows more about the early history one this car, please contact me at rikhoving@xs4all.nl

The car was owned by George Rasmussen when it was entered in the 1975 Oalkand Roadster show. The car now had a 1953 Chevy grille with Chrysler parking lights. As well as a set of 1949 Plymouth ripple bumpers front and rear. The car was also updated mechanically with a 327 1965 Chevy engine with a Nova rear end. And the
hubcaps where replaced by chromed reversed wheels with bullet caps mounted.

At some time Bob Laravee owned the car and from 1985 till 1987 the car was owned by Dr. Barry David who sold it to somebody in Ann Arbor Mi.

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