Dave York 1949 Shoebox

The car was chopped but he took another 3 ½” out of the B pillar for a total of 6”, and laid the back window down to make it flow. He extended the front head lights by about 3 ½” and frenched the stock 49 Ford bezels. Dave also used an English wheel on the sheet metal along the fender back to the gravel pan. He removed the factory wind spears and grafted in 51 Olds tail light sections. The rear bumper is a front 53 Ford bumper cut into 4 pieces and contoured to fit. The door vent windows are leftovers from the rear doors off of a '51 Merc 4 door he chopped. Dave put the passenger rear on the driver’s door and vise-versa so they pivot outwards

© see info on the photos. (Rik Hoving Kustoms)

shoebox 2008052.jpg

Photo by Dave York

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