Kent Vikmo's '40 Mercury Coupe

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2 Kent's Merc as a convertible
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    3 Kent Vikmo's '40 Merc Satin paint

    Kent and Benny molded the fenders, shaved the door handles, added 46 Ford bumpers and smoothed the r ...more

    est of the body. The top was chopped by Ulf "Wolf" Christiansson and Kent Vikmo, the top is chopped 5 inch(vertical measurement) at the A-post with the top of the upper windshield edge moved up 1 3/4"(A-post angle measurment) back in to the top. The C-post is chopped 71/2"(vertical measurement)
    The back window is chopped 1 1/2" in the center and 2" in the outer edge before I put it back in place . This was made to get a more sloping back light and a trick that was used both on the Jonnie Zaro as the Nick Mataranga Merc. "Wolf" made three pieces of englishwheelshaped sheetmetal, one for the top to connect the top skin and the back window
    and two pieces to make the C-posts.

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    Kent Vikmo's 1940 Mercury - Gloss paint

    Repainted in early 2005 the car has won several awards already:
    * Lead Sled of the Year
    * John D'Agostino's Special Award

    * 2nd prize USA Custom (Custom Motor Show)
    * Best Kustom (Jokers Car Craze)

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