Lofty's SkyDiving Fun Events & Friends..Australia

Never start something you can't stop..Wise words..Been there & Done that..Started parachuting just to prove a point..The "club" life was so good good..I stayed

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    3 years 3 months ago
    NM2131.Times change.Boy would be adult now.Cars!
    That lady is Anne, Glen Ramsays wife.  Don't know who the child is.  Anne and Glen had a daughter as far as I remember.

    Barbara St Clair  nee Carsburg.
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    QPC Barry Aravandino.Skydive expert.Now in Canada
    Hey Lofty,

    Long time no hear. Doug Irvin sent me a link to these pictures. Great to see them!! Thanks for posting them.
    I don't jump any more but I'm still flying. Google me at Seneca College to see what I do now. I'm part time only since officially retiring two years ago.
    ///Wow! Barrie.Great to hear from after 30yrs+.Made my day.Will email you.Thks for helping me,Angus,Rusty "get stable"early days.Some may say we are a lil' unstable these days.Why worry? Ain't life fun! Regards Lofty Harris

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      8 years 1 month ago
      Hi Lofty, In 1961 Mr Aravandino was my Chemistry Teacher at Salisbury Stare High School.He was a great teacher. As the school is holding a Reunion in Aug 2010 we are all talking about our teachers and one of fellow students informed me of this photo. I was in Barries Parachuting Club in '62. Would love to connect with him -have great pic of our school Parachuting Club. The Queensland Education Dept would not sanction such today with the way Gov is with Workplace Health & Safety Rules!! So excited to see Barries pic as in Australia we had heard of his demise when parachute failed to open. Regards, ElaineMergard(Tate)
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        Try address dated 2005. Barrie was a great pioneer of style and the Bud Sellick book on sky diving was like the bible of the sport. (I have a copy) Murray Cossan paid him a visit in Canada a while back. Have fun.. Lofty H
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          Fantastic mr. Aravandino. I was Lucky enough to have him as my physics teacher. Great to know He inspired others. Dan 
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    NM2207..I join some Sth Aussie skydivers for drinks
    Great to stumble across your photos Lofty, especially this one of Phill Edwards, Joe Larkin & Brian Brown. Joe is my brother - and I was wondering if you have had any contact from Phill in recent years. Joe, unfortunately was killed in the CONGO 1967.
    Way back then, June 1964 was just before the team left for the 7th World Championships. The photos of the camp-out along Nth Terrace when the Beatles came to town bought back memories too.
    regards, Sheelagh Phillips (nee Larkin)
    ///// Hi Sheelagh (Love the name) Had no contact with any of the great guys in the pix after Rusty and I saw them off on the Fairsky (which has recently been cut up on beach near Pakistan)..Suzi Wright later married Brian Brown I believe..great pair of jumpers/folk.Was the worlds best sport to be in then as we made so many life-long contacts as well as the soul searching (jumping) and fun.Our eldest boy/man has done one jump in Oz and one in Canada.None of my hundreds of contacts in sky-diving died in the sport.All in (you guessed it) cars.(One never pulled his rip-cord so we won't blame the sport for that one..Must have wanted out of this life.)..Hope you and your family circle are all fine..We are..(well worn but we've worn well)..My personal pursuit is mainly 4x4 out-bush-ing and associated photography..Sad about Joe..Guess he was'nt in army then as we did'nt have troops there,did we?Hope he enjoyed his time with us all..Best of luck..Regards (Brian) Lofty
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    Our "Free" jump ship. Stick of 26 @ 12,000. DC-3
    Bill was the Chief Instructor of Commando Skydivers at Pakenham,Victoria (Lofty Harris jumped there when stationed at Puckapunyal as a Centurian tank gunner 1963/64).. beleive Bill Kenny also jumped in a 10-man "star" at Labertouche in 2nd Australian Relative Work championships 1973/74..He won a Gold Medal in World Masters Freefall Style Event in the 80s & got a Silver in the 90s
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    NM2130  Lofty Harris..Jumpmaster this flite
    I was a "Gasoline Cowboy" Centurian tank gunner,they were new members of the 3 RAR parachute club..I was an instructor for Reg Carsburgs "Northern Star School of Parachuting" We trained a whole bunch of them..Great guys to work with..Only injury we had,one of my ex students allegedly got terminated by his ex..And you reckon skydiving's dangerous..
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    NM2134   Sully on a "Mission" Archerfield
    Sully was a soldier in World War 2 and escaped,from a German POW camp into Swirzerland..This was a long,dangerous,cold journey..The Swiss gave him back to the Germans..He was my great jumpmaster on my first plane flite and static line parachute jump.He let us know that,once we climbed out onto the bottom wing of the De-Havilland Domonie,we would'nt be coming back in.."The rock"
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    NM2211  A B-4 type canopy.Lands Redbank
    Hi Claude..Is that Donna nee Berth***** who is now a Professor advising on educating young children at a Qld uni...She always was dedicated to this area of her teaching profession when I knew her in 'round '64.She took her students very much to heart..So refreshing to see somone who has such a genuine desire to improve those in their formative years. Hope you are advancing with your site..Will help all I can..Saw your mug shot in the great new Australian Skydiving mag..Great effort by Susie Mc and her crew..Glad she has recovered from her serious incident.I remember throwing some of the Ramblers out on their first jumps when I was an instructor,with Billy Angus for Reg Carsburgs "Northern Star School of Parachuting" Would be good to stay in touch..Will help where I can..Will call in to you on my next Jeep camping adventure to the Vict/NSW High Country..Regards Lofty Harris

    Hello Lofty,
    You have some very historic photographs there. When I finish the Labertouche Website I intend to put together "A History and Who's Who of Sport Parachuting in Australia"

    I hope that you will let me use some of your photos on the Labertouche site as "Then photos" and some of the others in the history.

    At this stage I intend to compile the history on a DVD and when it is completed, go to print.

    Donna Law alerted me to your site.

    The Labertouche site will take me another six to nine months to complete and will still be only about 50% of the story.

    We'll be lucky to make 30% of the history.

    Do you know where Stainless is these days?///Sadly,Claude,Stainless has moved on to the happy hunting ground.(Here was a great man who survived 3 tours Viet Nam inc accounting for some 14 enemy troops in the big 3RAR battle Long Tenh? Got Military Medal.then did that"dangerous :-)"skydiving.I put him out on some student drops when Bill Angus and I were Instructors for Reg Carsbergs Northern Star School of Parachuting.) Do I know Donna Law.Vict? Will help you with pix.Rusty and I are in (photo)a M-113 APC book when we tested them for Aussie Army.Sad re Billy!.Glad to see you(like me) are very active.Life's fun.Very best Regards..Lofty Harris

    Best regards,

    Claude Gillard
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    14 years 5 months ago
    NM2191  Stainless & Glen R meet up over Redbank
    Absolutely Amazing picture!!!...Thanks Andrew..When I took these pix we were like "Pioneers"of air to air pix in Australia. All my army pay went on paying for my Skydiving flights and film/developing-printing supplies/assessories(Like remote air operated push button reaeases etc).(Army did'nt pay all that well then..But at least accomodation,food,medical was paid for) All my air to air pix were taken with a borrowedThks Tex)spring wind up motor powered camera( It took only 8 frames per jump)..Took me several wasted jumps before I found I had to leave the rubber "Bulb" off the air line to camera (on my helmet) until coming in on the "run in" at 10,000ft as the change in air pressure was problem.To do with the 14.7psi thing at sea level.Regards Brian F (Lofty) Harris