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Friends & Family

This is all my personal stuff. My wedding, vacations, and other personal photos.

subfolders: 1 and albums: 12
albums: 10
Kays Pictures
Misc stuff taken by Kay or on her camera.
albums: 2
Vacations, Road Trips, Misc Travels
We LOVE to travel! Inside you will find everything from road trips across the state of Kansas to weekends in Mexico.
albums: 17
Scooter Gallery
Photos taken at various scooter rallies and gatherings.
albums: 4
My favorite holiday of the year!!! Youve all seen Christmas Vacation and remember how Clark Griswald goes way overboard with the Christmas decorations. Thats me at Halloween every year. The display has grown so large that it takes about a full week to get everything put up. We get hundreds of kids trick-or-treatinging and our annual party is always a lot of fun. I look forward to this all year.
albums: 3
Our Wedding
Everything related to Kay and I's wedding. From the pre and post parties to the ceremony itself. Look for more to come soon.
albums: 9