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Cruzzin North with SC & the "Lugnut"

Cruzzin north to Montana and Alberta Canada.Three days in Great Falls resting, and then off to Lethbridge, Alberta for a Street Wheelers Weekend. Friday night, July 9th, we cruised downtown Lethbridge. Saturday morning, July 10th, we attended the Drop Sicles show and then off to the fair grounds that afternoon for the Pentastars show of Mopars and more. Sunday, July 11th, was the Show & Shine in the Galt Gardens downtown. Monday the 12th , we headed back to Great Falls, Mt. Tuesday the 13th, we visited with George and then off to Phil's place. Wednesday the 14th, we took off for Choteau for the Road Kill Cruze. Thursday the 15th, we visited Tom's collection and then off to Jeff's place. Friday we took a rest, and Saturday the 17th, we attended the Altered Classics Car Show. Sunday the 18th, we headed back to HOT!! HOT!! Vegas. Monday we ran into Ed "the Outlaw" Jones in Fillmore, Ut.....Lucky not to get arrested for having tooo!! much fun.......the Lugnut

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