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32 Rat Rd.

Really, this is a primer rod. With the exception of a depression in the seat where a driver would have sat and the slightly worn carpet, the car is pretty clean. I started with a Monogram 32 Ford Roadster that I got from e-bay for 75 cents. (It was actually two for 1.50) I originally planned to go the rat rod look and even went as far as laying grey primer under the black so it could be sanded through later. But later I could not see the vision, so I decided to make it a primer rod.

The body was essentially stock, just cleaned up a little. The bumper mounts were cut off and new spreaders were made from polished aluminum tubing. A better gas cap was added as well. The Duval style windshield is a nickel Herb Deeks item that I had for years. It took a good deal of time to clean up. I found that once it was polished the nickel dulled within a few days, so it was polished and then sealed with clear lacquer. “Glass” was cut from acetate and glued in with 5 minute epoxy. A length of piano wire was bent to the correct angle and sunk into the cowl as a support. It is just barely visible in the backside of the valley of the frame. The grill was painted red to match the chassis with the outside molding left chrome.

The chassis
Is basically stock just lowered as much as possible. The rims and tires are from a Revell Rat Rod kit.

The interior
The interior features a tiger print decal on red seats. The whole thing was covered with clear flat. The carpeting is yellow fuzzy fur painted black. The gauges were detailed and lenses were created from drops of 5 minute epoxy. The steering wheel is from the Monogram 40 Ford PU painted red.

The engine
The Merc flathead engine was also sourced from the 40 Ford PU. I researched it’s unique magneto set up so it could be properly wired. The beehive oil filter was another piece from the 40 PU, and it was plumbed as well. Fuel lines were run back to a fuel log made from an old AMT trophy. New radiator lines were made from solid aluminum and detailed with black tape connecter hoses and bare metal foil clamps. The exhaust pipes to the parts box mufflers are also made from aluminum.

That pretty much sums it up. It was supposed to be a weekend project, but ended up taking 4 months. It took a couple trophies, not too bad.

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Uploaded: March 06, 2005