Col. Davenport

Col. George Davenport was born in England in 1783. He came to the United States in 1804 and, in 1816, began working as a sutler providing supplies for the army at Fort Armstrong. Later, he became a fur trader and, in 1826, with his partner Russell Farnham, joined the American Fur Company. In 1833, Davenport built a home on what is today, the Rock Island Arsenal. There, he hosted meetings where towns were planned, new businesses organized, investors recruited, and a railroad born. The Davenport House became, what one historian has called, "the cradle of the Quad Cities". Davenport was murdered by robbers at his home on July 4, 1845. The house, on the north shore of Arsenal Island, has been restored by the Col. Davenport Historical Foundation and is open for tours.

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