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5 Years & Beyond

Small Update!

3-10-11: recent pics (Year 7 & beyond pics)

10-25-09: TEXTURE shots of my hair, since I keep getting texture questions.

Copyright 2005- : No saving or use in any form of my photos without my written permission.

Upclose Ponies (no heat just stretched using loose braids) Done Before the Updo

Time for a TRIM!!

My ends are actually thicker than they appear in this pic, but this was the best of the close-up pic so....

This is a few days post bentonite treatment & my hair is surprisingly softer. :)


I plan on doing a blunt cut in the next 6 months to get rid of my layers & to get a much better, thicker hemline. I plan on taking at least 3" off. Will post pics...

Uploaded: February 24, 2009
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