A one-of-a-kind dollhouse begun by G. Wesley Kessler of Marshall, Missouri, was donated to the Fitzgibbon Hospital in support of fundraising efforts to bring a new cancer wing to the community medical facility. It is a Duracraft Victorian VH600 kit with some structural changes (like the addition of the curved staircase). Mr. Kessler built most of the wood furniture in the house from House of Miniatures kits.

1st United Methodist Church Community Center
25 East Arrow, Marshall, MO 65340

Norma Jeane Ferguson and Kathie Bennett completed the construction of the house -- using carpentry, painting, bricklaying, wallpaper hanging, computer graphics, and needlework skills -- and added many details to complete it.

The Marshall Writers Guild members are creating a little history of some of the imaginery family members who have populated the house over the years. We're planning to make a scrapbook of the writings to stay with the house.

The hospital auxilliary plans to auction the dollhouse the end of August. Norma Jeane and I are hoping an angel will appear to buy the house and then turn around and donate it back to the hospital so it can go on permanent display in the cancer wing waiting room for the enjoyment of those who will be spending many hours there.

(UPDATE 29 AUG 2006: The house sold for $4,000 to a local family, whose members are, indeed, donating it to the hospital for permanent display! It's just too good to be true!!)

And we would be named as housekeepers, of course! *big grin*

Mr. and Mrs. G. Wesley Kessler donated the unfinished dollhouse and much of the furnishings to the Fitzgibbon Hospital in support of fundraising efforts for the new cancer treatment wing. They are shown here with the finished dollhouse.

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